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Have you ever wished you could just see an image of what your home would look like after you were done furnishing or redecorating? A kind of lens into the future which would help you decide what to remove, where to move things and what you’ve left out? What if we told you that we had this crystal ball with us and that you could use it for all your home interior needs!

modern living room design ideas

Modern Living Room

3D renders are a way for home owners to see what their homes will look like after moving furniture around and redoing their décor. This 360-degree view allows you to get a full understanding of how your space will be transformed, and what changes will and will not work after the 3d home design implementation. This is a great money-saving tool while also giving you more agency through the creative process. You can completely visualize what your home will look like without having to invest in multiple pieces of furniture only to find out that they won’t fit or look good together.

panoramic views

Click here to experience The 3D Panoramic View

With our specialized technology Discern Dimensions, we help customers know exactly what they’re getting before they even begin to buy modular furniture online. This technology gives you a life-like 3D render of your home allowing you to make an informed decision about your home interiors. However, this is not the first step of the Discern process. First, we understand your requirements and the space that you have. We then get a sense of your style preferences through our style quiz and then recommend products you may like.

panaromic view

Click here to experience the 3D Panoramic View

This is when our 3D home design renders come into play. We will show you your home as it would look post our work with you, to show you how everything comes together. Once you are happy with the 3D home design, we then get started on the civil work purchasing furniture, putting the soft furnishings together, etc. We also work on furniture design and modular furniture to give you all the available options. Any good interior designer needs to work in close coordination with the client which is why we focus on building a strong relationship with everyone we work with. This helps avoid misunderstandings and just makes the process more enjoyable. Get in touch with us today for our interior design services. 





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